Astroturfing – Should You Ever Post a Fake review?

Astroturfing – Posting Fake Reviews to Combat Negative Reviews

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It’s tempting.  A bad review pops up and you want to flood the internet with 20 good reviews.  Those savvy consumer review sites like Yelp, Avvo and Google  have caught on and have tried to omit fake reviews.  They have coined the term Astroturfing.  Astroturf is no longer just the fake grass of the best stadiums in America, it now refers to fake reviews.  Let’s start this out by saying – don’t do it.  No matter how frustrated you are, it isn’t worth it.  If you get caught it could be bad.

Now, we know how frustrating a bad review can be.  If you are around long enough, the bad review is inevitable.  It isn’t fair, it isn’t right but in this technology driven age it will happen.  Jaded people take to the internet to vent their woes regardless of it was actually your fault.  They rarely accept that they may have been the reason for the unpleasant experience.  If you are a Yelp user then you have read the glowing reviews of a new restaurant and then seen the lonely guy who gives a dismal one star.  They may have legitimate concerns or they may have just had a bad day.  Unfortunately, you need to move on and let your good work speak for itself.  If the bad review warrants it construct a thoughtful caring response that encourages the disgruntled customer to contact your offices.  Avoid responding in anger or a response that writes off the complaint.  If you feel that it is a fake bad review, contact the administrator of the review site.  They may remove the posting without issue.

No matter what – do not respond by posting a fake good review.  Ask your satisfied clients to post their positive experiences and let their voice carry the day.  Do not take matters into your own hands.  It could come back to haunt you.  If you would like to know more about getting your customers to post positive reviews contact Market to your Market today.

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