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Orange County Marketing SuccessWhat’s better than a cold beer on a Friday night and your love by your side? Country line dancing of course!  We proudly worked with the one-and-only Kerry Kick to establish her new website.  She is Orange County’s Premier Line Dancing Instructor.  Her current gigs include kicking up her boots at The Ranch and The Derby in Mission Viejo.  Kerry’s enthusiasm and passion for dance was easy to convey in her new website.  We worked with Ms. Kick to establish a prominent web presence with instant ranking.  What does it come down to?  Quality Content.  We preach it over and over again, pages jammed with awkward keywords are getting killed in rankings.  Google is getting smarter, they want to see that your consumer is reading the content on your page.  Kudos to you Ms. Kick!

Want to know more about how to market to your market?  Follow this blog and visit  We are a local Orange County Advertising Agency.  We offer comprehensive marketing campaigns that help you to establish a consistent brand throughout your online and print media.  Do not rely on one source to get your leads or referrals.  We will help you understand the importance of networking, establishing a print campaign and balancing organic ranking pages with PPC ads.

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