The ABCs of SEO

SEO Abbreviations and Acronyms If you are new to the world of website marketing and SEO then you may be overwhelmed by the entire process.  It may seem more foreign than the Greek Alphabet.  We, at Market to your Market, know your frustration.  SEO has a whole language unto itself that can make even the…

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SEO Tips and Tricks

3 Things You Should Know About SEO Many people have been worried that new algorithms such as Google Hummingbird killed SEO.  That is simply not true.  The search engines, particularly Google, have just gotten smarter about what they show in their rankings.  They have learned about “Black Hat” SEO and avoid websites that appear to…

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Long Live SEO – Google Hummingbird hasn’t Killed Anything

The Latest News on Google Hummingbird You may have heard about the new Google Hummingbird and that it had killed SEO.  It simply isn’t true.  Yes, some of the old adages are no longer true, but SEO is alive and well.  We can’t say it enough; the focus should be on quality content that engages…

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