Content is King

Content is King and Other Things that make your Website Rank

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You have undoubtedly heard it by now – Content is King.  Great content means a great website.  No matter how many flashy ditties you put on your site, if it lacks intelligent content, it will not rank.  Content must be relevant and should read easily to consumers.  Focusing too much on keywords and search terms results in Google and other search engines demolishing the rank of your site.  The last thing you want to happen after investing the time and energy into a website is a low ranking or worse yet, a blocked site.  Low ranking means your consumers will not see your website and thus will not become clients.  So, yes, it is true.  Content is King.  Now we must bow down to the King and understand what makes great content, well, great.

We have already discussed that content must be relevant.  Speak to your audience about your business.  Tell them what they need to know or how they can find out more information.  Unfortunately, that is not all.  Content needs to capture your consumer and make them want to stay on your website and read what you have to say.  Google spiders are now checking how long consumers stay on a website before clicking to another page.  Great content tells a story, has anecdotes and uses examples that actually mean something.  We know, we know, writing content sucks.  You want to focus on your business, not on being a witty word slinger.  That is why we are here to help.  We know markets and how to write compelling content that your consumers want to read.  Let Market to your Market tell your story and keep the integrity of your business consistent in your website.  We are not going to sell you on some fly-by-night scheme that results in Google shutting you down.  We provide genuine content that really does matter.  With all of that said, if Content is King, then who is Queen?

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