Ethics and Social Media

Ethics and Social Media – The ins and outs for Attorneys

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Social Media has been an increasingly important part of our marketing conversation.  Facebook, Twitter and Linked in have become a part of our everyday repertoire and thus must lead to a discussion about Ethics and Social Media.  The most important thing to remember is that you must not be misleading in any statements or advertisements.  Therefore, you cannot provide misleading information, client testimonials or case results.

Additionally, be careful to not create an attorney-client relationship on your social media pages.  Remember to always put disclaimers on all of your published information.

On LinkedIn do not state that you specialize or are an expert in a particular field unless you are in fact a certified specialist or expert.  Just because a social media site has the ability to mark one of these fields, do not use them.  It is a debate whether these are actual ethical violations, but why take the chance?

Finally, use common sense with posting any legal information or answering legal questions.

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