Quick Guide to Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing – How to Get People to Like You

Facebook Business Page - Orange County MarketingFirst things first, you need a Facebook business page.  Do not be confused between a business page and a group page.  They are two different things that serve different functions.  There are a couple of key things to remember: always have your target audience in mind, think of Facebook as global networking, do your research and think outside the box.

Let’s start at the beginning.  Make sure your Facebook business page profile is complete.  Give your consumers or potential consumers as much information as possible.  Give your audience all of the necessary contact information.  Keep you information consistent.  One thing we find over and over again is that people list their business name one way on their website and another way on Social Media.  It creates confusion and makes your business look like it is lacking in brand consistency.  Lawyers are some of the biggest violators.  There is a difference between Law Office and Law Offices.  Keep it the same on everything!  Have links to your Facebook page on your website and vice versa.  Always have a way for potential customers to contact you.

Use Facebook to network.  Start with your friends and family.  They already like you (presumably) and they are a good way to grow the likes on your business page.  Friends of friends are potentially untapped future customers.  Utilize your contacts.

We can’t say it enough – always post relevant content.  We will leave it at that.

Do your research.  Use things like Facebook Insights to gauge your page performance.  See when you are are getting the most likes or most audience interaction.  See what works and then continue doing it.

Think outside the box.  Use contests, ask questions, post photos, and post consistently.  This will help to engage your audience and grow your numbers.

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