How to get Online Reviews for your Business

Quick Tips for Getting Online Reviews

Market to your Market - Getting Online Reviews

With our recent blog about the increasing importance of Yelp – we figured we would follow it up with a post about the importance of online reviews.  Online reviews can make or break some businesses.  Bad reviews can spread like wildfire.  Good reviews can be impossible to get even if you do an amazing job for your clients.  With so many consumers relying on customer reviews from Yelp, Google, Yahoo, Avvo and other online sources, you are doing harm by not getting positive feedback from your clients.  Here are a few tips and tricks for getting online reviews today.

  • Give your client an easy way to provide feedback.  When sending an email provide a link to review sites such as Yelp and Avvo with a step-by-step explanation of how to provide feedback.
  • Always ask for a review after some positive interaction.  Did you go above and beyond for a customer?  Did you get a product to them ahead of schedule?  Finish a service for them earlier than expected?  Work out a favorable deal?  Think of getting a review like making a sale.
  • In addition to sending an email with a link, put a link on your website.
  • If you have a brick and mortar store, provide a place for customers to provide feedback.  Set up a computer and make sure there is a sign to inform customers how and what to do.
  • If you get a bad review – do not respond in frustration.  Respond with concern.  It will show customers that you care.

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