The Importance of Yelp for Search Marketing

What the Yelp is going on?

Orange County Marketing - Yelp

When you think of Yelp you likely start to feel the rumblings of hunger in your belly.  Most of us are well aware of the power that Yelp has over restaurants across the nation, but Yelp doesn’t stop there.  Yelp and Yelp ads are becoming increasingly more important for Search Marketing.  People have jumped on the Yelp bandwagon and aren’t getting off any time soon.

So why Yelp?  Yelp capitalized on the “what’s for dinner?” phenomenon.  Users are flocking to the website to decide where to go for the best Danish, best cocktail and best priced dinner.  The site decided it would not end with food.  Customers agreed.  Yelp provides an outlet for consumers to rate any business.  Many people swear by Yelp and rely on it for everything from grabbing a cup of coffee to deciding which dentist to switch to.  Yelp is also famous for deals, gift certificates and check-in offers.  With an average of over 117 million unique visitors every month – we don’t mind jumping on the Yelp bandwagon either.  Learn more today from Market to your Market.  We will help you build your Yelp profile and manage your display.

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