Linking LinkedIn to New Customers

Using LinkedIn to Market your Business

Orange County Marketing - LinkedInWith the popularity of Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn sometimes gets lost in the shuffle.  Don’t underestimate this little networking gem.  LinkedIn is a great resource for showcasing your business and to stay in touch with customers who may just help you to get new customers.  So how do you make LinkedIn work for your business?

As with any social media account you need to make sure that all of the information for your profile is filled out.  Missing information about how a customer can contact you can defeat all of your hard work.

Just like Facebook, it is all about liking and sharing.  Encourage your network to like and share your information.  This will help to increase your reach and may lead to new clients that were previously an untapped resource.

Interact with your consumers.  People want to feel like you care.  Respond to both positive and negative comments. Remember always respond to negative comments in a calm, rational manner.  Do not lash out.

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