Long Live SEO – Google Hummingbird hasn’t Killed Anything

The Latest News on Google Hummingbird

Orange County SEO - OC MarketingYou may have heard about the new Google Hummingbird and that it had killed SEO.  It simply isn’t true.  Yes, some of the old adages are no longer true, but SEO is alive and well.  We can’t say it enough; the focus should be on quality content that engages your audience.  Current content is important.  You need to utilize social media, blogging, press releases and even print media to have a consistent well-rounded brand that appeals to consumers and search engines.

Fact: the way we optimize sites is changing and evolving as search engines and the algorithms change and evolve.  Fiction: SEO no longer matters.

Search engines no longer accept “Black Hat” SEO.  Your site will quickly fall in rankings or get black listed altogether if you continue to do things like keyword stuffing, invisible text or doorway pages.  So, you now know.  SEO is alive and well but tricks of the past will no longer work.  Learn more about SEO myths by following this blog.  We will try to keep you up-to-date on the latest trends and topics of website marketing.

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