What Makes A Great Website?

The Fixes You Need to Make to Your Website Today

 Market to your Market

You may already have a website or you may be looking at creating one – either way the following information can help you.  First and foremost, whether you have a website or are looking to create one, the focus needs to be on content.  If your old website is riddled with back pages that link to nowhere – you have likely lost natural ranking recently.  Search engines are getting smarter and will not tolerate “black hat” SEO.  Next, if you have a website focus on creating pages dedicated to emerging issues instead of just talking about practice areas.  Have there been recent developments in your industry, are there any hot topics?  Dedicate a page to each emerging issue.  Third, add video and images.  Videos are becoming increasingly more important to search results.  Think of videos that deal with particular problems or questions that your target audience may have.  Fourth, use different media to highlight different things on your site.  Search Engines are more interested in how long people are staying on your site and if they are interacting with it.  Make it user friendly.  Finally, make your site mobile friendly.  Think about it – more and more consumers are using their cell phones and iPad to conduct the majority of their searches.  Get with the times and make sure that your site is mobile friendly.  Nothing is more frustrating than a website that is not responsive or adaptive to technology.

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