Managing your Online Reputation

Online Reputation Management

Market to your Market - Online Reputation

Search Engines control what consumers see.  You want to make sure that when your business is Googled, consumers are seeing the right information.  If you are not actively managing your online reputation then your business could be hurting.  Don’t let someone else control your online presence.  Protect yourself and your reputation.  Search online to see what is coming up when simple searches are done for your business.  Make sure that no negative information is showing up on the first page of the search engine, but rather your business website or press releases are in the top rankings.   If there are negative sites that are outranking your business website or if competitors are showing up when a search is conducted for your specific company, then your online reputation is affecting your business.

Protecting your online reputation can be as simple as registering your name with social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter.  Use the same business name throughout.  If you are Law Office of Joe Smith do not use Law Offices of Joe Smith on a different platform.  Set privacy settings and always monitor the information.   Make sure that you have a business website with quality content.  Search Engines want to provide consumers with what they are searching for, give them what they want.  Do take the time to respond to negative comments, but try to resolve it on a personal level.  Take a deep breath before you respond.

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