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5 Things you need to know about Orange County SEO

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You’re an attorney or a handyman or a dentist – you are not, nor would you ever want to be a marketing guru.  Writing content and constant blogging is simply not your forte.  It is ours.  We love social media, we love SEO – we are here to help.  Here are a few quick tips that you need to know about Orange County SEO and local marketing.  Want more?  Contact Market to your Market today.

1. Content – it is truly all about content.  Not key words, not tags, but high quality relevant content.  If you want to rank, if you want search engines to go gaga over your site then content is king.  If creating content is your worst nightmare, then hire a company that understands the importance of content and will not cut corners to get your site to rank.

2. Tags – Ok, I know I just said to forget about tags and for the most part you want to forget about tags, except for when it comes to images and videos.  Always give images and any other type of media relevant alt tags.  Don’t just save your picture as pic-1.jpeg.  That doesn’t tell search engines anything.  Name it what it actually is.  Don’t worry too much about keywords; just pay attention to relevancy.

3. Blog – blogging is a great way to get new content up on your site regularly.  Search engines want new, relevant content that answers searchers questions.  Blogging is a great way to answer specific consumer questions.

4. Link – but don’t over-link.  This sounds ridiculous – do this, but don’t do too much of it.  Just remember link to relevant things and do not link to competitors.  Inner-site linking is less important than it use to be.  Focus on relevant outbound links.

5. Hire – this may be a bit of a plug, but it definitely makes sense.  Hire someone who knows what they are doing.

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