Perfecting the Business Holiday Card

How a Business Holiday Card can be a Great Marketing Tool

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With the holidays fast approaching we thought we would give some info on the dos and don’ts of sending business holiday cards.  Many people worry about holiday card etiquette – who to send it to, how not to upset cultural differences, what type of card to send, etc.  So here you go:

Don’t be cheap.  You are sending this card as a network and marketing tool.  Do not send a cheap card, you and thus your business, will look cheap.  If you are going to do holiday cards – spend the money to do it right.

Send tasteful cards.  Save the reindeer pooping cards for close friends and family as a personal card, not your business holiday card.  Keep it traditional and choose cards that are holiday themed instead of Christmas specific.  “Happy Holidays” or “Season’s Greetings” are appropriate for most situations.

Think outside the box.  If holiday cards will break the budget then consider sending cards during a different season.  Spring cards are a great, unexpected idea!

Send personalized messages.  If you have a personal relationship with the customer or business acquaintance add in a personalized message.  It will help customers and associates to feel appreciated.  A little goes a long way.  Add a personal touch by handwriting addresses.  This will help you avoid looking like a mass mailing.  When writing addresses always write them out formally.  Use this wikiHow as a guide.

Add a business card.  Make sure to put a business card in the holiday card as well as print your business name in the signature.

Want more?  Contact Market to your Market today.  Remember getting a jump on holiday cards is important.  Nothing is worse than receiving a holiday card after the holidays.  It will be the first thing thrown in the trash.  While you can choose any company to get your greeting cards from, Minted has always produced some great ones including the one pictured above.

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