DUI Practice

DUI Practice Delivers

Background and Objective

The first thing you learn as an attorney who has just passed the bar is that the competition out there is stiff. This day and age it takes a state-of-the-art website that ranks on the first page of Google to get clients. The Law Offices of Thomas Wallin and Scott Henry knew they had a great service, both are aggressive, smart lawyers who have been recognized in their field but what they needed was a website that would drive clients to their business.

Market to your Market had one objective: get more clients. The solution was three-pronged. First, work with Scorpion Design to build an unparalleled website with responsive design. Second, use organic SEO and Maps with Citations to drive search engine rankings and finally be a one-stop-shop for potential clients.

The Solution

Working hand-in-hand with Scorpion Design, Market to your Market created a comprehensive layout for the website. The end result is a graphic masterpiece with interactive components and responsive design. Content writers then worked tirelessly to provide search engine friendly content for the main site and blog. Content is regularly added and updated to keep the site fresh and keep the search engines interested. Finally, maps with citations and interactive tools were added to create a user-friendly design that could appeal to a mass audience.

The Results

We let the rankings speak for themselves.