Press Releases – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

When you should do a Press Release and Why!

All Press is Good Press may not necessarily be the case.  Press Releases can be a great way to get traffic to your website, but releasing irrelevant information will not gain you the traffic you want.  Make your Press Releases count with great, relevant information that will bring in the masses.  Have you recently made the News?  Did you speak on a popular topic?  Have you received a successful outcome?  Those are all newsworthy Press Releases that will bring in traffic to your website.  Releasing Press Releases about nothing will not get you the respect or the leads that you are looking for.  Let your consumers know about the great job that you are doing for your current clients, but make it relevant.

Knowing the difference between something that should be blogged about and something that should be released in a formal Press Release is important.  Let Market to your Market do the hard work.  You know your business, we know your market.  We will help you see the fine print, and, well, get your latest news hot off the press.

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