Quick Tip Monday – Know Your Audience

A Few Quick Tips on How to Get to Know your Audience


Orange County Marketing

It is Monday and there are few people that really want to read a detailed dissertation on SEO, PPC and the alphabet soup that is online marketing – we decided to post a few quick tips on getting to know your audience.

First, always think about the specific demographics of your audience.  Imagine the age, gender, economics and anything else that is specific to your product or services.  This will help you to determine what the best marketing practices will be and how to reach your target audience.

Next, think about your ideal customer.  Is this who you are marketing to?  Also, do you have more than one customer?  Define your customers needs and problems and make sure that your product or services are answering that concern.

Make sure to check out your competitors.  See what they are doing right and if there is anything that you can improve upon.  Do they have a successful Facebook campaign that makes you green with envy?  Do they rank better on search engine sites?

Talk to your audience and see what they like and what you can improve upon.  You can also utilize analytical tools to determine what is working and what isn’t.

Finally, Network, Network, Network.

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