SEO and Website Marketing in Orange County

Understanding the changing face of SEO and Marketing in Orange County

Orange County Marketing

The rules of SEO are changing in Orange County and across the Internet landscape.  Google is sick of the black hat tricks of the past and has gone to great lengths to prevent SPAM and low quality content sites from receiving high rankings in the search engine results.  This requires a new way of thinking about website marketing and a focus on what truly matters.  Google and other search engines are asking us to think like a consumer.  If I am searching for “How to fix a leaky faucet” I expect direct answers to my direct question.  That is what search engines want – to give searchers the best answers to their questions.

So, what does it come down to?  Great content.  Quality content that truly addresses what your website says it offers (whether it be on fixing a leaky faucet or offering attorney services in Orange County) and videos or other media that keeps searchers on your site.  Tricks and magic for SEO is a thing of the past.  The Internet is no longer in its infancy – it is coming of age so to speak.  Search engines are a business at the end of the day as well and want to keep their customers coming back.  Act fast to save your website from the dreaded blacklist.  Contact Market to your Market today for a free initial consultation on website marketing in Orange County.  Let us help you understand how to make an impact in your market and beyond.

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