Social Media and Marketing – Priorities, Promises and Pitfalls

Social Media and Marketing  – What You Should Know


Social Media - Orange County Marketing

Social Media has become increasingly important to any comprehensive marketing campaign.  Between Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest are just the beginning.  Yes, I said it, Pinterest.  It is not just for cookie recipes anymore.  Social Media is vitally important.  You want to have a presence on all of the different sites.

Priorities – make social media updates a priority.  Relevant, consistent posts are what your audience wants.  Post things with a sense of humor.  Social Media is great because it does not have to be stiff.  Facebook is a good forum for asking your customers for feedback or for posting a hilarious meme.

Promises – as with anything that you post – DO NOT OVER PROMISE.  Do not make promises that you cannot keep.  Post information that is true and relevant to your consumers.

Pitfalls – be ready for negative feedback.  Unfortunately, you open yourself up for critics.  Do not take it too personally.  Also, do not feel like you have to respond to every naysayer.  Trust me, you could spend all day responding.  Respond to things that deserve a response.  You will get the hang of it.  Social Media freak you out, call Market to your Market today.

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