Telling your Story with a Great Video

Using Video to get MORE Business

Adding video to your website can help increase visibility on the web.  Search engine sites want your website to offer consumers relevant information.  A great video clip can enhance visual aspects of your website as well as convey a message to potential clients.  Video clips on your website can help to personalize potential client experience and will help to introduce you to your audience.

Market to your Market can help you with video production and posting.  A great video begins with great editing and a clear, concise story.  Video is a great platform for answering frequently asked questions or dispelling common myths about your industry.  A successful video is short and to-the-point.  You need a steady shot that looks and feels professional.  An amateur video clip will be evident to your viewers.  Consumers want you to get to the point and quickly.  Potential clients may only stay on your website for a few moments, a lengthy video may steer them on to a competitor’s site.

Finally, and maybe one of the most important things about any media that you place on your website is that it must work correctly.  Just like an unfocused video may distract potential clients, one that struggles to load or that is not able to be viewed on a mobile device will also do more to deter clients than to attract them.


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