The Dos and Don’ts of Networking

Networking is hard work, but it may be vital to your marketing campaign

Very few people are excellent networkers.  Many of us dread the idea of having to start a conversation with a stranger and ultimately work on selling our business, or ourselves but networking may be key to an untapped resource of new clients.  The most important thing to know about networking is to be genuine.  People can see right through a phony pitch.  An easy way to get started networking is to host a dinner with people you know and ask them to bring guests.  It will keep you within your comfort zone while still introducing you to new people.  If you are going to attend an event, ask the coordinator for information about the people that are attending.  This will give you a head start.  Think beyond organizations that are limited to the business that you are in, you never know the people that you will meet.  Finally, keep up your contacts.  Social Media is a great resource.

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