Twitter Goes Public

Twitter Opens Strong as it Goes Public

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On November 7, Twitter tweeted “Ring!” as the New York Stock Exchange opened.  The micro-blogging company will be listed at TWTR.  The response to Twitter was better than Facebook did hitting a high of $50 per share.  At 7 years old, this fledgling company is doing pretty well in our book.  Twitter founders and employees saw their shares skyrocket.

If Twitter takes the same path as Facebook, then we will see ups and downs over the next year.  Facebook stock fell to $20 per share at one point, but has settled near the respectable $50 per share area.  While we aren’t sure where the Twitter buzz will lead us, we do know it leaves us something to tweet about.

Twitter can be a very powerful marketing tool and has proven it is here to stay in the recent public offerings.  Learn more about how to tweet your way to marketing success from Market to your Market.

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