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5 things you never knew about Twitter

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If you are new to social media marketing Twitter may be a foreign blue bird, but we are here to help.  Market to your Market knows that Twitter may feel like a universe best left up to Justin Bieber, but tweeting can help your business.  Here are some facts to tweet about:


  1. Twitter has over 200 million active users.  People who tweet may surprise you.  Twitter is no longer just about tweens tweeting.  Business owners, politicians and trailblazers are all logging on to follow the little blue bird.
  2. A large portion of the Twitter traffic is from outside the United States.  If you are hoping to do business on an international level, Twitter may be just the tool to interact with your worldwide audience.
  3. You can exchange an electronic business card via tweeting.  Think of the money you can save by not printing thousands of business cards.
  4. You can share videos.  Videos are becoming increasingly valuable to SEO and are one of the most popular searches.  Remember though, tweets are limited to 140 characters – so videos are limited as well.  A clip can go a long way.
  5. The more you tweet – the more followers you will get.  Just like with posting on Facebook, you want to post quality tweets on a regular basis.


Want to learn more?  Contact Market to your Market today.  Twitter has a lot to offer.  You can text a tweet, share images, share videos and increase your customers by increasing your followers.  Plus, sorry to say but hashtags work.  Hashtags can drastically increase your audience engagement.

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