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Commonly Asked Web Marketing Questions

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Should we create our own content or pay a company to do it?

It depends on whether you have the resources and staff to create content.  If you have someone who can create content on a consistent basis, then by all means it will save you money to have it in-house.  Paying a company to create content has its ups and downs.  Foremost, only hire a company that truly knows how to write for websites.  Search engines are getting smarter so old tricks won’t work any more.  Make sure the company you hire listens to your marketing goals and truly understands your target audience.

What type of content is important to put on our website?

Blogs are becoming more and more important to search engines.  Google, Yahoo! and Bing want consistent, relevant content.  They want answers to searchers questions.  Blogging allows you to answer specific questions in a short amount of wording.  Blogs should be updated regularly.  Also, consider adding images and video to your website.

Should I have more than one website?

Once upon a time it was crucial to have as much information on the web as possible.  Now, search engines are getting smarter.  They recognize repeat websites.  One main site with lots of features is best.  Make sure it is mobile optimized.

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